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Web Policy

Web Policy

University and Community Relations Policy: UCR 01 09
Effective June 24, 2009

I. Purpose

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (“UNC Pembroke”) Web Policy provides guidance for anyone contributing to the university’s Web presence, including faculty, staff and students. Web space is provided primarily to support the academic and administrative functions of the university. It is further recognized that Web pages are a reflection of the institution. A site-wide design for UNC Pembroke’s Web pages ensures a user-centric, usable and consistent environment supporting a stronger brand for the university and providing efficiency in site creation. Therefore, the content, appearance of documents and other subject matter contained within all Web pages must comply with the policies and guidelines within this document.

Specifically, this policy is designed to:

  • Provide a framework for developing and presenting Web pages in a consistent and user-friendly manner aligned with the university mission;
  • Ensure the information presented is accurate and current;
  • Mandate the development of Web pages that comply with university policies, and applicable state and federal laws; and
  • Provide necessary management and oversight of the university’s Web technology resources.

II. Web pages subject to policy

Web pages on university servers are subject to this policy and categorized as either official university Web pages or non-official Web pages.

Official university Web pages include the UNC Pembroke homepage (; academic departments and program pages; office, administrative and support unit pages; news and information pages; and any other World Wide Web address that is otherwise sponsored, endorsed, or created on authority of a university department or administrative unit. The appropriate chair, director, dean or vice chancellor must approve the establishment of an official Web page, and assume responsibility for said page under this and other relevant policy.

Non-official Web pages are pages maintained by individuals on university servers, such as personal faculty and staff Web pages; individual student pages and university-recognized student organization pages. The faculty or staff advisor and the Office of Student Affairs must approve the establishment of a non-official Web page for a student organization. The senior leader and Webmaster for the student organization shall assume responsibility for the page under this and other relevant policy. Non-official Web pages for individuals will be established upon application without additional approval. The individual shall assume responsibility for the individual Web page under this and other relevant policy.

III.   Domain name

The University homepage or top-level Web page is The Office of University and Community Relations (“UCR”) is responsible for maintaining the homepage, other menu pages containing links to campus units and general information about the university.

The university shall use the following naming structure for Web sites:

  1. Official (administrative and academic):
  2. Non-official

The university allows the use of sub-domains (i.e. or alternative top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com or .info domains only in exceptional cases, for example, to link to enterprise systems such as Banner or BraveWeb. Use of sub-domains is strictly limited and requires the approval of the divisional vice chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for University and Community Relations and the Chancellor.

IV. Web Information Coordinator

Each official Web page, blog and wiki must have an authorized Web Information Coordinator (“WIC”) responsible for the development and maintenance of pages according to university policies, standards, procedures and guides. The WIC may delegate tasks, as needed, to be in accordance with the policy, but should be prepared to serve as the primary information contact for inquiries regarding the site. The WIC shall be appointed by the appropriate chair, director, dean or vice chancellor, who shall act as needed in the WIC’s absence.

The name and contact information for the WIC, including the title “Web Information Coordinator” will be listed on the Web site’s contact or faculty and staff page.

V. Applicable laws and regulations

All Web pages must comply with all federal and state laws, university policies and standards regarding nondiscrimination, libel and copyright, accessibility compliance, offensive material, visual identity, etc. No copyrighted or trademark information may be posted without written consent of the owner.

VI. Web accessibility

The university is committed to providing equal access to Web-based information in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendment Act. All university Web Pages must conform to the university’s Web Accessibility policy at

6-1. Standards

Development of all official university Web pages must include reasonable efforts to conform to the accessibility standards required under the above referenced laws (Federal Access Board’s Electronic and Information Accessibility Standards: 36 CFR Part 1194) and the university’s Web Accessibility policy at

VII. General appearance

All official Web pages will adhere to university branding guidelines, including use of the official university Web template; and accompanying design standards and guides. Insofar as it is possible and feasible, Web applications hosted on the official Web site or a sub-domain will adhere to the official template and accompanying standards and guides.

Non-official pages need not conform to the university design standards or guides but are subject to applicable policies.

All Web pages developed outside of the university template and hosted on university servers must provide a clearly displayed link to

VIII. Web page content

Official Web pages must be accurate and current. Out of date information must be removed and new information added on a regular basis. Inactive pages and files must be removed from the Web server and stored locally.

The following statement must appear on the home page of non-official sites: “The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author of this page and the material located at this site is not endorsed, sponsored or provided by or on behalf of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.”

The following is not permissible on any Web page:

  1. Copyrightable or licensed materials for which the necessary permissions for use have not been obtained or an exception permitting use applies
  2. Material for commercial gain unrelated to the university
  3. Material contributing to illegal activities (unless used in an appropriate academic context)
  4. Material or speech that is unlawful (unless used in an appropriate academic context)
  5. Material that is intended to damage, to interfere with, or place an excessive load on a computer system or network

Placement of advertising or links to commercial Web sites is generally prohibited. However, UCR has the authority to approve advertising or links to commercial Web sites if: general interest sites are available free of charge; subscription services paid by the university; information that relates to or supports teaching, research, or service mission of UNC Pembroke; or, listings of sponsors and logos for a performance or special event. Links to non-university sites should open in a new, smaller browser window, whenever possible.

Information that is protected by federal or state legislation or university policy may only be made available if access to such information is restricted to those parties whose access is expressly allowed.

IX.   Blogs and wikis

Blogs and wikis are services provided by the university to support the academic and scholarly communication activities of current faculty, students and staff of UNC Pembroke. This rule describes the standards for use of blogs and wikis. Hereafter, where “blogs” is used, it shall refer to both blogs and wikis.

9-1. Conditions of use

Use of this service is limited to academic and scholarly communication purposes, and administrative functions of the university. Contributors or users must abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Use of blogs and wikis is subject to UNC Pembroke policies and applicable local, state and federal laws. Violations may result in denial of access to the service and/or potential disciplinary actions.

All postings must have an identifiable author; anonymous postings are not allowed.

The service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Use of this service is at the user's sole risk and the user assumes all responsibility for any liability arising out of such use.

Under its continuing obligation to preserve the rich history of the institution, the university archives may collect and preserve copies of blogs.

9-2. Computer use

The UNC Pembroke Appropriate Use Policy ( outlines the conditions under which members of the university community may utilize university computer accounts and equipment. The following are of particular interest to blog users:

  1. Users cannot accept or display paid advertising in blogs or wikis.
  2. The blog WIC shall manage and monitor the content of the blog, particularly content that is inappropriate or does not adhere to university policies. The university may examine blog contents if network security and performance is threatened or if there is a reasonable suspicion that a law or university policy is being violated.
  3. Each blog page will automatically display the following language at the bottom: “The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author of this page and the material located at this site is not endorsed, sponsored or provided by or on behalf of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.” Upon notification to UCR, those engaged in official activities of UNC Pembroke (i.e., controlled or supervised by a UNC Pembroke employee within the scope of employment) will not be required to display this language.
  4. UNC Pembroke reserves the right to require users of the blog service to utilize university approved templates for all hosted pages.
  5. UNC Pembroke reserves the right to remove, at any time, at its sole discretion, any content posted on the blog service that it deems in violation of university policy or local, state or federal law.
  6. Links do not imply UNC Pembroke’s endorsement of any materials; access cannot be guaranteed.

9-3. Copyright

The blog user is responsible for complying with all applicable copyright laws and policies.

Questions about the use of copyrighted material may be directed to the Office of General Counsel.

9-4. Non-discrimination

The university is committed to academic freedom and to the free exchange of ideas. Various non-discrimination policies are in place to protect academic freedom while preventing conduct that unlawfully threatens or intimidates others.

9-5. Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct ( describes behavior that disrupts or inhibits the normal functioning of the university and the actions that can be taken to protect the university community from such behavior. Blog users should be aware of the contents of the Code.

9-6. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law that protects student privacy in most personally identifiable educational records. For example, directory information, such as student names, email addresses, and enrollment status are not protected, but grades and most other student records are protected. Students can request that directory information not be disclosed. For more information, see the UNC Pembroke regulations, Family Educational Rights and Privacy and Student Privacy (

X. Web hosting

Non-profit organizations whose mission is directly tied to the university’s mission, may qualify for server resources at the discretion of the Chancellor and Executive Staff. Resources may be provided only if these resources do not have a negative impact on the technology infrastructure. A faculty or staff member affiliated with the organization will be responsible for developing and maintaining the pages, with no support from the university. Acquiring server space does not guarantee a link from an official Web page, nor does it imply that the pages will receive a requested uniform resource locator (URL). domain hosting: External or domains can be hosted at UNC Pembroke under the following conditions:

  • There is an institutional affiliation with the domain relating to UNC Pembroke’s research, instructional or service missions
  • It is in the university’s interest to host the domain

Requests are made to UCR with approval of the Chancellor and Executive Staff.

Off-site hosting of Web pages:

Requests are made to UCR.

Development of institutional sites by external providers is permitted only with the approval of the Chancellor and Executive Staff, and must comply with this policy.

XI. Oversight

Oversight of Web pages subject to this policy is the responsibility of UCR. Violations of the Web policy will be made known to the University Web Publisher for resolution. Non-compliance with applicable polices and/or laws may result in removal of Web pages or directories from the Web server and/or removal of links to the site from university Web pages.

XII.  Additional considerations

Adjustments or additions to the approved Web templates and patterns and/or issues not addressed specifically in this policy will be considered by UCR on an ad hoc basis.