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Welcome to the UNCP Bookstore's Guaranteed Buyback Program Website. We hope the information within these pages will answer your questions about Guaranteed Buyback. If you are not familiar with Guaranteed Buyback, we invite you to browse this information at your convenience.

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What is Guaranteed Buyback ? A program for University of North Carolina Bookstores mandated by the UNC System General Administration to help reduce the cost of textbooks for students.
How does a book become a part of the Guaranteed Buyback Program? Academic Departments choose the books which will be a part of the program by committing to use the text for a minimum of three years.
What books are included? The books that are part of the program are identified with a sticker and a shelf tag. A listing of the books in the program is provided throughout the textbook department.
What if my book was purchased used? All books, new or used, which are in resalable condition and have a Guaranteed Buyback sticker, are bought back at half of the purchase price.
Will any other books be bought back for half of the purchase price? Yes, Many books that are re-adopted for the next semester will be bought back for half of the new price, regardless of the book being listed in the Guaranteed Buyback program and having a sticker.
Will I receive Guaranteed Buyback Pricing for books purchased and sold online from another entity? No, Guaranteed Buyback applies only to those books purchased from the UNCP Bookstore.
Where can I find out if my books are part of the program? Click here for a list.

The UNCP Bookstore would like to thank the Departments below for participating in the Guaranteed Buyback Program and for assisting us in reducing the cost of textbooks for UNCP students. By committing to re-use textbooks for a minimum of 3 years, students will receive 50% of the purchase price at buyback on these titles and more used books will be available for students the following semester.

List of Guaranteed Buyback Titles:



***Please note Guaranteed Buyback is not offered on bundled packages of textbooks

Do you have questions about our buyback processes, please view our Buyback Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).