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To look up Textbooks on our Campus Web Store...Click on Textbooks, Select Campus, Select Term, Select Department, Select Course Number, Select Section Number.

Click View Books, then your books will be listed.

To purchase...You will have to Create User before purchasing to set up your shopping cart information.
Please be advised that prices of textbooks are subject to change.


The UNCP Bookstore now offers a Textbook Rental Program.


Rental Agreement (given to students):
You understand that you are renting (not purchasing) the textbooks listed above and must return them to this bookstore location no later than the Friday following final exams. Failure to return rented textbooks by the due date will be considered intent to purchase, and your credit card will be charged the difference between the rental price already paid, and full retail price, plus 20%. Minimal highlighting and writing is allowed. Books must be returned in good condition and free of excessive damage. Excessive damage is any damage that would prevent another student from reasonably being able to use and gain the full learning value from the textbook (water damage, mold, missing covers, missing pages, destroyed text on pages, and the like). Books returned with excessive damage will prevent a successful rental return, and
you will be charged the difference between the rental price, and full retail value (new or used depending on the condition prior to rental).

Refund Policy:
1. A valid cash register receipt must be presented.
2. New books must be in original, pristine condition unopened and unmarked.
3. Shrink‐wrapped, boxed texts, software or packages must not be opened.
4. The UNCP Bookstore return policy will apply to all rented textbooks.  Fall & Spring textbooks are eligible for a refund within the first 7 days of the semester.  All textbooks rented after the first 7 days of the semester are considered final and no refunds will be granted. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How do I return my books?
Easy. Books are returned to the cashier at the Rental Counter in the exact same way you would return
a purchased textbook. The cashier will then clear your account.
2. What if I drop my class or change my mind and need to return my rented book early?
No problem. Returns on rentals follow the same return policy as book purchases.  Refunds will be given according to the following conditions and dates:
1) A valid cash register receipt is presented. 
2) New books must be in the original selling condition.  A full refund cannot be given for textbooks that have been written in, had the plastic removed, or have been damaged in any way. 
3) Textbooks are returned to the Rental Counter within 48 hours after the course is dropped and a copy of the drop slip is provided.
4) Refunds for dropped course will only be issued the first 4 weeks of the semester. 
3. Can I write or highlight in my rented book?
Yes, but keep it reasonable. Minimal highlighting and writing is accepted as long as text on pages is not
compromised for future use. Books must be returned in good condition, suitable for the next student to
purchase or rent.
4. What if my rented book gets damaged or lost?
If your book gets damaged beyond reasonable use, lost, or stolen, your options are as follows:
Pay the difference between the rental price and the purchase price of the textbook (i.e. if you rented the
book for $50, and the retail price was $95, you would pay an additional $45 to the bookstore as opposed
to returning the book)
You can acquire a replacement copy in as good or better condition to turn in to the bookstore as a
replacement to the lost or damaged book.
5. Can I use student aid to rent my books?
Rentals can be processed with cash, check, debit/credit, student financial aid and/or Braves Dollars .


Offered in store by RedShelf


Please save your receipt and do not mark in your books until you are sure you will keep them.

Textbooks may be returned for full credit within the first seven days of the Fall and Spring semesters, and within the first three days of the Summer I and II sessions. Textbooks for pre-sessions, intra sessions and all other abbreviated sessions are eligible for a refund within forty-eight hours of the beginning of the course. The original itemized cash register receipt is required for a refund during the Fall and Spring semesters. The original itemized cash register receipt and a copy of the student’s class schedule is required to obtain a refund during summer sessions. New books must be in the original selling condition. A full refund cannot be given for textbooks that have been written in, had the plastic removed, or have been damaged in any way. No refunds will be given on course pack materials or digital textbooks. Textbooks purchased after the seventh day of the Fall or Spring semesters or after the third day of a Summer I or II semester are considered FINAL SALES and no refunds will be given. 

Students who drop a course may return their books within 48 hours after the course is dropped, provided the Bookstore has not started processing returns. A copy of the student’s detailed schedule that reflects the dropped course and a receipt is required.  Returns processing starts four weeks after classes begin in the Fall and Spring semesters and two weeks after classes begin in the Summer sessions. 

General Merchandise may be returned for a full exchange up to two weeks from the date of purchase provided that it is accompanied by a cash register receipt.  Exceptions:  there are no refunds on magazines, technology products, opened ink cartridges, gift cards, iTunes cards, clearance merchandise, special orders or products marked “no returns.” 

Computer Software cannot be returned once the package has been opened.


If you need to return a textbook bought online, you must follow the return policy mentioned above. You must also complete a Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA form). This RMA must be sent to the UNCP Bookstore for approval. You will then be contacted by the Bookstore with a RMA number. The RMA number must be displayed on the outside of your box when you send the book(s) back. All returns must arrive at the UNCP Bookstore and meet REGULAR guidelines. Books that are sent back without a RMA number will be held for pickup.

Please remember that returns will not be accepted via the mail unless you have completed the aforementioned policy.


The following information is provided to students to help in the Textbook process at the UNC Pembroke.

Textbooks are the most important purchases you will make in terms of your academic success. Before you buy your books....
Go to class first
-it is important to understand the role of text and other materials will play in each course. We encourage you to go to class first before you buy your textbooks. Distinguish Between "Required" and "Optional" Titles- be careful to distinguish between "required" and "optional" titles. Usually this information is on the shelf tag or book list. Don't buy optional books until you attend the first class. Find out the UNCP Bookstore's Refund Policy-to protect your opportunity to return unneeded textbooks, find out your store's refund policy before you buy. After you buy your books... Save Your Receipts-We require that you save your cash register receipt for refund purposes. Don't Write In New Books Until You're Sure You'll Need Them, Before You Sell Your Books Back... Encourage Instructors To Get Their Orders in Early, Sell


Textbook Buying Guide Brochure
For helpful Textbook Buyback information, please view our Textbook Buying Guide Brochure Page 1 (Adobe Reader required). Page 2

Three types of buyback services are offered at the UNCP Bookstore during the fall and spring semesters: Daily, End-of-the-Semester and Online. Daily buyback services (wholesale) will start two weeks after classes have started and will end two weeks prior to the start of the end-of-the-semester buyback. End-of-semester buyback services are offered during exam week. Online buyback services are offered for distance education students and can be accessed on the bookstore web page year round. Limited buyback services are offered throughout the summer. Each buyback will be advertised throughout campus and on the Bookstore webpage approximately two weeks prior to the end of the semester. A university student ID is required to sell books.

Buyback dates/times are posted on our News and Events page.
For more information on buyback, please use the following link to our FAQs page.


Visit our Online Buyback site which offers Free Shipping.

sell your books online
Please note that booksthat are a part of the UNCP Bookstore Guaranteed Buyback Program do not apply to books bought back online from this site.


guaranteed buyback

Spring 2017 Guaranteed Buyback List


What is Guaranteed Buyback ? A program for University of North Carolina Bookstores mandated by the UNC System General Administration to help reduce the cost of textbooks for students.
How does a book become a part of the Guaranteed Buyback Program? Academic Departments choose the books which will be a part of the program by committing to use the text for a minimum of three years.
What books are included? The books that are part of the program are identified with a sticker and a shelf tag. A listing of the books in the program is provided throughout the textbook department.
What if my book was purchased used? All books, new or used, which are in resalable condition and have a Guaranteed Buyback sticker, are bought back at half of the purchase price.
Will any other books be bought back for half of the purchase price? Yes, Many books that are re-adopted for the next semester will be bought back for half of the new price, regardless of the book being listed in the Guaranteed Buyback program and having a sticker.
Will I receive Guaranteed Buyback Pricing for books purchased and sold online from anther entity? No, Guaranteed Buyback applies only to those books purchased from the UNCP Bookstore.


The following information is given to faculty that may pertain to their course materials selection. Also important information and dates are given concerning desk copies, Textbook Adoptions, Adoption Deadlines, and more.

Desk Copies-Desk copies are not provided by the UNCP Bookstore, however, we will supply any and all information in order for you to obtain them from the publishers.

The UNCP Bookstore proudly announces its latest addition to the textbook department, online adoptions. The goal of this service is to obtain more accurate information from adoptions and to provide an efficient manner in which to turn in adoptions. We are excited to be offering this new service to you. We hope that online adoptions will make the whole textbook process much easier. Please contact Angela Russell at or Josh Lane at 


Course material adoptions are due to the UNCP Bookstore on the designated dates.

Fall Semester - April 21 
Spring Semester - October 23 
Summer Sessions - March 21

*90% of adoptions must be turned in by this date to qualify for scholarships*


Visit our Campus Store to do your Textbook Adoptions.
Username: univeristy email
Password: personally set up password

If you have not turned in your Textbooks Adoptions forms into the Bookstore please do so ASAP. Late Adoptions promote Late Orders.

Helpful Links


This is the Textbook Adoption Policy taken from the Faculty Handbook.
Course materials

The University operates a Bookstore from which students may purchase textbooks and school supplies. Before the opening of each semester, the Textbook Manager will request from each Department, information concerning anticipated needs. This information is used in ordering necessary textbooks for purchase by students. Careful and accurate estimates should be furnished to the Textbook Manager in order that he or she may avoid an overstock of books and supplies which become obsolete and result in financial loss to the University.
Textbook Policy

Each professor will have the right to select textbooks for each course he or she teaches, subject to departmental policy and the following:

1. Reminders for textbook orders for the fall semester will be mailed and emailed to each department by March 28. Online adoptions should be completed in full and submitted to the textbook manager no later than April 18. Reminders for spring Semester will be both mailed and emailed by September 28. Adoptions are to be submitted to the textbook manager no later than October 18. Summer reminders will be mailed out and e-mailed by February 28. Adoptions are to be submitted to the textbook manager no later than March 18.

Introductory courses using a hardback textbook may be considered for the voluntary guaranteed buyback program mandated by General Administration. Textbooks shall be used in all sections. New textbook adoptions are for a minimum of three years, beginning in either the fall or spring semester. Within the three year term, it is expected that courses utilizing the adopted textbook will be offered a total of six times. For courses offered only in the fall or spring semester, it is expected that the textbook will be utilized a total of three times.

2 Textbooks selected for courses other than those in the guaranteed buyback program will be retained for a minimum of one regular-term semester and it is permissible to use different textbooks where multiple sections of the same course are taught.

3. Course materials are to be designated as either required or optional. Required course materials are those that are required for class instruction and considered essential to the student’s success. Optional course materials are those that are recommended as extras but not required to successfully pass the class.

4. Orders will be placed by the bookstore 4-6 weeks prior to the semester beginning, subject to inventory and anticipated used texts purchased from students and wholesalers.

5. If a publisher notifies the Textbook Manager that a book is out of print, out of stock, or back-ordered, the faculty member will be notified immediately.

6. Unsold textbooks will be returned to the publisher for credit four (4) weeks after the first day of classes.

7. Changes to textbook orders will not be allowed once the order has been placed with a publisher or textbook wholesaler. If a textbook was ordered by mistake and it is not suitable for the class, all freight charges incurred by the Bookstore will be charged to the ordering academic department. All changes must be approved by the Departmental Chair

8. In the event a class in which a text is used is cancelled, the Department Chair will notify the Textbook Manager immediately.

9. All textbook needs must be adopted through the Bookstore.

10. Textbooks no longer needed by students will be purchased at the end of each term during a buy-back period. The Bookstore will offer daily wholesale buyback throughout the semester.

11. The University will allow the operation of a non-funded student-run book exchange.

12. The Textbook Manager and Department Chair are encouraged to keep each other mutually informed concerning lead times and deadlines relating to book orders.

To accommodate students, the Bookstore will offer extended hours at the beginning of each summer session.
Faculty Publications Policy

The following policy, approved by the Chancellor, covers the sale of course packs written by faculty and custom published classroom materials:

1. The use of faculty-written course packs, copyrighted course packs, or custom published materials as required or recommended reading for students must be approved by the Departmental Chair. There is no prohibition against the use of a faculty member’s published material in that faculty member’s classes (with the collection of related royalties), provided that the textbook, CD, or other material- (1) has been produced and copyrighted by a recognized and independent academic or trade publisher (2) has been made available for open sale.

2. All course packs will be submitted to the UNCP Bookstore along with the appropriate paperwork. The forms filled out are dependent upon whether there are copyrighted materials within the course packs, or if it is solely the work of the instructor. The Textbook Manager will forward the materials to UNC Chapel Hill Course Pack Department. The materials are accurately checked for copyright clearance before printing. This process will protect the University from violating any copyright laws. Orders submitted for printed manuals are to be for the current or upcoming term only.

3. The Bookstore will print the quantity requested by the department. Any copies needed after classes begin will be printed on a rush basis, with the approval of the department chair.

4. Only course packs published by the UNC-CH Custom Publishing Department will be sold by the UNCP Bookstore. Professors requesting a royalty from course packs will receive a 20% commission on the number sold at the end of the term. Faculty course packs must consist entirely of their own composition in order to receive a royalty.

5. All unsold course packs or custom published materials not to be used again will be billed back to the appropriate department at Bookstore cost, unless other arrangements are previously agreed upon by both the departmental chair and the bookstore.
Desk Copy Policy

The University Bookstore does not furnish desk copies of books to faculty. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to obtain his or her own desk copy from the publisher.

The University Bookstore will assist faculty members who have not yet received a desk copy by charging it to their academic department. (This charge requires a requisition signed by the Department Chair.)

The Bookstore will accept for credit or refund identical replacement copies under the following conditions:

Other materials

The Campus Bookstore can also arrange to offer other non-text materials that may be needed for a given course. Faculty members whose courses may call for such materials should consult the Bookstore about those needs.

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