Emergency Management

Planning for emergencies is important at several levels to ensure a timely and effective response throughout the campus community in a crisis situation. An emergency is defined as any unplanned event that may cause harm to the University community, disrupt operations, cause damages or threaten the institution's facilities or status. An ‘all risks’ approach which includes, but is not limited to, emergency planning, emergency response, disaster mitigations, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning will be used.


  • Emergency Information Hotline: 910.521.6888
  • University Police: 910.521.6235
  • Student Health Services: 910.521.6219
  • Medical Emergency: 911 (from Campus Phone: 9-911)
  • Pembroke Town Police: 910.521.4333
  • Nationwide Poison Control Center (U.S. Only): 800.222.1222

Dialing 6235 from an campus phone reaches the University Police Department, which is staffed 24 hours a day on a year-round basis.

Procedures for Responding to Specific Emergencies

How we communicate emergency information to the UNCP community.