Finance and Administration
Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration

The Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration is responsible for the leadership of Business Services, Controller's Office, Dining Services, Facilities Management, Facilities Operations, Facilities Planning & Construction, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Division of Information Technology, Human Resources, PurchasingSustainability Office, and the UNCP Bookstore.

We provide support services to assist the University in perpetuating a climate for quality education paramount to a successful institution. The Division recognizes that support services are integral to promoting high performance to the University community and external agencies.

We shall be recognized for our dedication, leadership, and expertise of our employees; for meeting or exceeding customer expectations; for encouraging continuous improvement and innovation; for adopting best practices; and for developing partnerships that benefit our university community.

These values direct our actions:

  • Ethical Behavior - knowing and doing the right thing
  • Honesty and Truthfulness - communicating in a robust, forthright, genuine, and accurate manner
  • Integrity - acting with consistency in work and deed
  • Value Diversity - celebrating differences among people
  • Equity - seeking fair and just results
  • Respect - treating all people with esteem and consideration
  • Competence and Professionalism - demonstrating expertise and skill
  • Positive Environment - creating a non-threatening, healthy, and fun workplace
  • Empathy - demonstrating concern for and understanding of the impact of decisions on the campus community
  • Communication - promoting open communications between all departments and at all levels of the organization.

For more information about the Division of Finance & Administration, visit us in Lumbee Hall, room 320 or call 910.521.6209 or email