Bachelor of Arts in Art


The mission of the Art Department is two fold: Contribute a necessary and integral component to the mission of the University by providing opportunities for broad artistic and intellectual development
of the University body; and specifically nurture and support the quality education of those who have chosen fine arts as a professional goal either as producing artists or as teachers.

The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service to the university and the community, and strives to provide a learning environment which nurtures not only the artistic spirit but the spirit and professionalism of the prospective art teacher as well. The studio-oriented program leads to study at the graduate level or professional employment. 

The Art Education program leads to teacher licensure in grades K-12.
Students must complete a sophomore portfolio review designed to demonstrate competencies in foundations; therefore, all foundation courses should be completed by December of the sophomore year.

Before graduating from either program, seniors are required to present acceptable exhibitions of work from their areas of concentration and undergo a critique of that exhibition by faculty.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Art

Semester Hours

Freshman Seminar


General Education Requirements*


Major Requirements

Foundations: 1010, 1020, 1320



Studio Core
1050, 1110, 1330, 1400, 1500, 2150, 2320, 2500


Primary Studio Area

Primary Studio Area: 9 hours beyond the core from one of the following areas: Ceramics, Digital Arts**, Drawing**,
Painting***, Printmaking, or Sculpture

Secondary Studio Area

6 hours beyond the core from another studio area


Art History
ART 2080, 2090, 4330, and two of the following:
ART 2160, 2170, 3700, 3710, 3720, 3730, 3740, 3750,
4310, 4320, or appropriate ARTS 3xxx or 4xxx


Professional Art Practices: ART 4031****





Total: 120


*Students who plan to major in Art should consult the Department Chair prior to registering for General Education Courses.

**Intermediate level does not count toward the 9 hours.

***ART 2120 meets this requirement. ****Taken in spring of junior year.