Science Seminar

Spring Semesters        Dr. Robert Poage

Seminars are open to faculty, students, and visitors.
Students may enroll in this seminar (BIO 4950: Biology Seminar) for 1-hour of credit.
Faculty coordinator? Dr. Robert Poage

When? Tuesdays, 2:00-3:00 PM 

Where? Old Main, Room 102
(Thomas Assembly Room, Museum of the Southeast American Indian)

Seminar for Tuesday, January 27th:

Daniel Herr, Ph.D.  
(Professor & Nanoscience Department Chair, UNC Greensboro) 

"Catching the Nanowave: a Nature-inspired Convergence of Form and Function"

 Dr. Daniel Herr

 (Above: Dr. Daniel Herr, from UNCG website)

Click HERE for a tentative schedule (PDF) for Spring 2015

Archives of past schedules:

Spring 2014 (MS Word) (PDF)
Spring 2013 (PDF)
Spring 2012 Word and PDF
Spring 2011 Word or PDF

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