Chemistry and Physics

Current Faculty Grants

  • "Does Prenatal Ultrasound Contribute to Autism?" NIH EARDA (Extramural Associates Research Development Award) NASA "Bringing Robotics into the Classroom"


  • NASA, "AIMS - Acquiring Interest in Math and Science: On Target for a Bright Future" (with RCC)


  • Natural Science Foundation, "An innovative Seismic Performance Technique for Steel Building Beam-Column connections" (with NSCU)


  • NASA, Preparing to Advance into Careers in Engineering (SPACE) (with UNC-Ga)



  • MUSPIN - Minority University Interdisciplinary Network



  • NASA Lecture Series March 001) - Presentation by Lawrence J. DeLucas (O.D., Ph.D) NASA Payload pecialist, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center




  • North Carolina Space Grant Consortium
    Provides funds for students to do undergraduate astronomy research. Presently students are learning to do CCD astronomy and taking pictures of astronomical objects