Geology and Geography


The Department of Geology and Geography offers a range of courses to support general education requirements, the Geo-Environmental Studies major, and the Geology and Geography minors and concentrations. For the latest course offerings, visit BraveWeb and/or the following links from the UNCP Catalog.

Geology and Geography

The schedule for those courses taught on a regular basis are as follows:

Courses taught every semester:

Courses taught every Fall semester:

Courses taught every Spring semester:

Courses taught in the Fall of odd-numbered years:

Courses taught in the Fall of even-numbered years:

Courses taught in the Spring of odd-numbered years:

  • GGY2700 - Geographic Information Science

Courses taught in the Spring of even-numbered years:

GGY4100 - Landuse Planning, is currently offered on an every 3rd semester cycle (Fall '16, Spring '18). 

Other courses are offered on an "as needed" basis. Contact the department to find out when the course you are interested in is planned to be taught again.

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