Political Science and Public Administration

Carole Graham, JD

Carole GrahamCarole Graham, JD

Assistant Professor and Pre-Law Advisor
Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator
Political Science 
Office: Oxendine Science Building, Room 1305 
Email: carole.graham@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.522.5788
Fax: 910.521.6446


Undergraduate (View undergraduate course descriptions - from UNCP Catalog)

  • PLS 1010:  Introduction to American Government
    Syllabus (Requires Microsoft Word)

  • PLS 1010:  800 & 801 Introduction to American Government
    Online Course
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

 PLS  2170:  Judicial Process and Behavior
Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

 PLS 2170 Writting Assignment (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

  • PLSS  3270:  Law School Preparation
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader) 

  • PLSS  3290:  The Supreme Court
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader) 
  • PLS  3030:  Political Thought
  • PLS 3100:  Constitutional Law
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS  3110:  Constitutional Law of Individual and Equal Rights
    Syllabus (Requires Microsoft Word)
  • PLS  3120:  Law of Criminal Procedure
    Syllabus PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

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