Political Science and Public Administration

Emily Neff-Sharum, PH.D.

Dr. Emily Neff-Sharum

Department Chair and Associate Professor
Political Science 
Office: Oxendine Science Building, Room 1309
Phone: 910-775-4409
Fax: 910.521.6446 

Undergraduate (View undergraduate course descriptions - from UNCP Catalog)


  • PLS 1010:  001 & 002 Introduction to American Government
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

  • PLS 1010-001 1st 8 weeks: Introduction to American Government
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS 2330:  Introduction to Theory & Methods
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)|
  • PLS 3040:  Legislative Process in US
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS 3060:  American Presidency
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS  3100:  Constitutional Law
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS  3110:  Constitutional Law of Individual
    and Equal Rights
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLS  3520: Writing for Political Science-WD
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PLSS  4020: Topics in American Gov't (Race & Politics)
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • FRS  1000-13: Freshman Seminar for Political Science, History, and Pre-Law Majors
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)
  • PAD 2190-01: Public Policy & Analysis
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

Curriculum Vitae
 (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)


Student Resources

Political Science Internship Announcements
The Department of Political Science encourages the participation in internships as part of the course of study for majors.  While not a requirement for graduating with a degree in political science, internship offer valuable experience in the field, provide students with social network contacts that are useful for finding employment opportunities after graduating, and can help students make decisions about their desired career paths. 

Internships are widely available.  Once students apply and are accepted for an internship position, college credit is available through the department.  Credit for internships will require students to demonstrate what they are learning and its application to the field.  Arrangements for credit are made on an individual basis through the internship coordinator, Dr. Emily Neff-Sharum.  Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Neff-Sharum to help with finding an internship, help with applying for internships, and arranging for political science credit.

Below is a list of established internships with which the department is actively working:

For a comprehensive list of internship opportunities with the federal government, see www.FedJobs.gov or Representative Mel Watts’ website.

NC Division of Emergency Management’s Planning and Homeland Security Section Internship. 
*Two unpaid internship positions located in Raleigh. Internships are flexible regarding internship hour requirements for both graduate and undergraduate interns.  The internship position would begin in September 2012 and end in December 2012 - we can work with students to accommodate a specific starting date.
The NCEM Planning and Homeland Security Section performs a variety of disaster response planning and Federal Homeland Security grant management functions to include: planning for natural and technological hazards/threats, acting as the implementing organization for a wide variety programs on behalf of the State Homeland Security Advisor, and managing U.S. Department of Homeland Security preparedness grant funding that is allocated to North Carolina. 
 To apply complete the attached PD107 State Government Employment Application and forward it (along with a resume and a letter of recommendation) to Mike Daniska at mike.daniska@ncdps.gov by Friday August 3, 2012. We will then contact applicants to set up interviews.


Summer Session I Course

  • PLS 1010-800  On-line Introduction to American Government
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

  • PLSS 4070-800  On-line Women in Politics
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

Summer Session II Courses

  • PLS 1010-800 & 801 On-line Introduction to American Government
    Syllabus (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

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