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We currently need tutors for the following courses: BIO 1020 (Zoology); BIO 1030 (Human Biology); CHM 1300 (General Chemistry I); CHM 1310 (General Chemistry II); CHM 1400 (Chemistry for Health Sciences I); CHM 1410 (Chemistry for Health Sciences II); CHM 2500 (Organic Chemistry); CHM 2510 (Organic Chemistry II); CHM 4100 (Physical Chemistry); CRJ 2000 (Intro to Criminal Justice); DSC 2090 (Spreadsheet & Database Management); ECN 2020 (Microeconomics); AIS/ENG 2200 (Native American Literature); MAT 1070 (College Algebra); MAT 1080 (Plane Trigonometry); MAT 2150 (Calculus with Applications); MAT 3280 (Probability & Statistics I); MAT 3310 (Calculus III); PED 4120 (Exercise Physiology); PLS 1000 (Intro to Political Science); PHY 1500 (College Physics I); PHY 1510 (College Physics II); SPN 3110 (Spanish Composition and Review of Grammar); SWK 2000 (Intro to Social Work) ; SOC/SWK 2450 (Human Diversity and Populations at Risk); SWK 3710 (Writing for the Social Sciences). (List updated on Friday, August 29.)


How to Become a Tutor


Peer tutors must:

1) Be current UNCP students

2) Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0

3) Have earned a grade of B (3.0) or higher in each course they are interested in tutoring

They must also:

- have a firm command of course material.
- possess higher-order thinking skills.
- possess proactive learning strategies.
- have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
- be reliable self-motivated workers.
- believe that all people are natural born learners.
- Be ENTHUSIASTIC about learning!


How to Apply

Applications are available online through the UNCP Career Center's Brave Opportunities site. (Look for Job ID 6846 - Peer Tutor)

In addition to the Brave Opportunities application:

*At least one faculty recommendation is required.
*Resumes are welcome.

Submit all supplemental application materials to the Tutoring Program Coordinator by email (, fax (910-775-4286), or drop off in person at the Academic Support Center in the D.F. Lowry Building, Room 320.


Tutor Resources

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