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International Summer School Courses for 2017

We do not yet have information about available international course options for Summer School, but will updsate this page as soon as we do have that information. In the meantime, based on programs in the past, the following applies:

Programs range from $1000-$4500.  Scholarship application deadlines vary, check, Study Abroad pages for more information. ( )  Note: Some of these courses may list as spring semester courses with one-hour meetings during the spring and travel during the two weeks following the semester’s end.

Perhaps the easiest way to consider your options is by session and year.... Generally, our international classes are held in Maymester and Session 1.


2017 MayMester Political Culture/ Tokyo, Japan

A program to Tokyo, Japan led by UNCP Professors Freeman and Fazio. This course introduces students to contemporary Japanese youth culture and the graphic novel, visits a manga museum, and a well-known arts and graphic design festival and explores both Tokyo and Yokohama.  You will take drum lessons, sing karaoke, Japanese-style, and spend an afternoon meeting with Japanese university students.



2018 MayMester Politics/ Berlin, Germany

A program to Berlin, Germany led by UNCP Professors Freeman and Bumin. This course is intended to give students first-hand knowledge of the history and current politics of Berlin, the cosmopolitan capital of Germany.  It includes visits to Potsdam in former East Germany as well as visits to the Holocaust Museum and a concentration camp. Students have lots of free time to explore a lively European city and visit a major German sporting event or other cultural activity.  



MayMester Study AWAY/ Washington DC

This program allows students to study American government on location—in Washington, D.C.--- and is packed with visits to the White House, the National Archives, the Supreme Court, Congress, K Street (home to many lobbying firms), the Smithsonian, many of the monuments, and a lot more. 

In previous years, this program starts in mid-May- and the program fee will be approximately $1350. The application period for this program starts April 1.

Washington DC


MayMester World Studies/ France and England

Travel to London and the Normandy Beaches of France to learn about World War II History with Dr. Spivey a collector of some interesting WWII memorabilia.  This course runs for WLS2990 (general education) elective.

France and England


MayMester Study AWAY/ Puerto Rico

Rehearse with the Pembroke Singers during the Spring Semester and travel to Puerto Rico and perform in a shorter week-long choir tour.

Puerto Rico


Session 1

2018 Marine Biology/ Bermuda

A program to Bermuda led by UNCP Professors Jernigan and Zeigler.  This is a Marine Biology program that affords students a lot of swimming and snorkeling time with studies of marine vertebrates and invertebrates in the water and in the lab. 



2017, Biology and American Indian Studies/ Costa Rica

Join professors Hanmer and Haliday walking and boating through rainforests.  See volcanoes and hot springs.  Study bats, birds, pineapple, coffee and cocoa trees; and visit Indigenous Museum.  Optional white water rafting and a lot more.