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Justification for Special Use Computer Requests

UNCP supports equity, cost savings, and a standardized computer environment to control overall support and equipment purchase costs.  The standard PC desktop computer bundle is designed to meet most UNCP business needs.

Regardless of funding source for a computer purchase, supportability is a key consideration in purchasing equipment. UNCP DoIT strives to provide high-quality support for recommended and standard computers. Nonstandard equipment requires additional support, as it requires special software images, hardware, integration and network support.  All requests for special use computing equipment require an explanation of the need.  Justification will be considered for special use hardware that are job-related and will significantly enhance the employee’s effectiveness and productivity.   This request will be approved or rejected based upon the content of this form. 

Note: All fields with * must be completed.  After successful submission, a new page will open indicating, "Your request has been submitted."


Please note the functionality you need. Answer the following questions for justification for nonstandard computer requests.