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Andrew Potts


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St. Augustine, FL


I am an Army Officer completing my degree through the Degree Completion Program. My only job while in this program is to be a student. Prior to transferring to UNCP, I was a Platoon Leader of an Engineer Platoon in Iraq and Honduras. I have been in the military for thirteen years. My study habits have gotten a bit rusty since I was last in school, but I have found that the professors at UNCP are more than willing to help me out. As a result, I'm doing very well as a student here. Outside of class, I am involved in the Health Careers Club and the Psychology Club. I also participate in a volunteer program that observes physical therapists at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. My wife is also a student, and will be transferring to UNCP in January to pursue a B.S. in Accounting.

Why did you choose to attend UNCP?

I chose to come to UNCP because of the low student/teacher ratio, the convenience of the campus location, the low tuition cost, and the small campus size.

What do you like best about UNCP?

The thing I like best about UNCP is the fact that the faculty members actually know their students and work with them on an individual basis. I feel that the close teacher/student relationships help professors understand the individual needs of their students, which in turn encourages students to do well.

Additional Comments

UNCP offers students the best of everything. Specifically, UNCP is part of the UNC system, it has a small community-style campus, the people are friendly, the professors are fair and impartial, the professors want students to succeed and do their best to make sure that happens, the facilities are constantly being improved, and the gym is awesome!

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