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Student Spotlights

  • Frederick Feely II


    Biology with a Molecular Biology track

    Durham, NC


    I've always had a fascination with detail and the mechanics of how things work. There is an incredible amount of knowledge to be learned, and I have seen that through science, one can gain insights to this knowledge. I also have an affinity for detail.  Because of this, I took a liking to...

  • Katherine Rentschler


    Biology - Environmental Biology track

    Pinehurst, NC


    I transferred to UNC Pembroke from Drew University and Sandhills Community College in 2014. I started college as a biological anthropology and music double major in 2010, but had to drop out after my freshman year because of unfortunate financial circumstances. For the next three years I worked...

  • David J. Pedersen



    Honolulu, HI


    My interest in science started early in life. In fact, it was more of a general curiosity exhibited by most young children. Thankfully, my parents encouraged my need to know how things worked and why they worked. Growing up I enjoyed watching Mr. Wizard (revealing my age now...), a television...

  • Brandi Guffey


    Biology with a Zoology track

    Canton, NC


    Ever since I was young, I have always had a passion for science and the world around us. This came mostly as a passion for animals and making a better life for them.  After working as a veterinary assistant for two summers in a small animal practice, I decided that my career interest was with...

Faculty Spotlights

  • New Member of the History Faculty

    Assistant Professor


    JAMIE MYERS MIZE is a historian of American Indians of the Southeastern United States, specifically the Cherokees. She received her BA in history from Truett-McConnell University, her MA from the University of North Georgia, and her PhD degree from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Her research focuses...