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Returning Students

Process 2014-2015


The office of housing and residence life is excited to begine our returning student room selection for the 2014-2015 academic year. This guide will provide important information on the room selection process.

Room selection will proceed in stages. Before starting the room selection process you should discuss housing plans for 2014-15 with your current roommate. If you are not sure about your plans, we encourage you to make an assignment. You can cancel by May 31, 2014, 11:59pm and get a full housing deposit refund. Since a deposit has already been submitted, another deposit is not required. A student currently living off-campus must submit a deposit of $150 to participate in the room selection process.  You may pay by credit/debit card, cash, or check at the office of Housing and Residence Life located on the second floor of the University Center Annex, Room 207.

For room selection, access Odyssey HMS through Braveweb, complete the 2014-15 Housing Agreement, return to HMS homepage, and follow on screen instructions.  Failure to reclaim your current assignment during the reclaiming periods forfeits any claim you have to the room.  Remember, Cypress Hall, Oak Hall, and Pine Hall are available as suite style halls, and if you are interested in apartment living with a 9-month agreement, we have the Village Apartments and the Courtyard Apartments.

Housing Agreement 

A student should understand that by entering into the Housing Agreement, they are liable for the room and board charges for the full academic year (August - May).  No cancellations of the Housing Agreement will be accepted after May 31, 2014 at 11:59pm. 

Information/Demonstration Schedule

Staff is available every thirty minutes during the following sessions to demonstrate the room selection process and answer questions:

Dates                                  Location                Time
Wednesday, January 29     UC Annex               3pm-5pm 
Tuesday, February 11        UC Annex               3pm-5pm
Tuesday, March 18            UC Annex               3pm-5pm 

Room Selection Process and Dates

Reclaim your own space:  This period is for students that just want to reclaim their own space and no new roommate(s).  Select “Reclaim my space Only” and follow on-screen instructions

Reclaim with new roommate(s): If your roommate or suitemates are not reclaiming, you have the opportunity to select new roommate/suitemates. The reclaimant must list all new suitemates on their housing agreement. The new roommate/suitemates must list only the reclaimant on their housing agreement. Only the reclaimant should return to HMS to complete the next step. The reclaimant should select “Reclaim With New Roommate(s)” and follow on-screen instructions. The reclaimant assigns roommates within the suite.

New Assignment with roommate(s):  You may select from remaining spaces after current residential community members have had an opportunity to reclaim or reclaim with new roommates.  If you have identified a roommate/suitemates, only one roommate must return to HMS, and choose “Select a Room” and follow the on-screen instructions to make the assignments.

Consolidation: For students in a double room without a roommate or in a suite or apartment that is not full, the University reserves the right to consolidate assignments to ensure full capacity.   

Open Selection:  Students that did not select a room during the process may select a room from the remaining spaces.  Students who selected a room, but now want to change rooms can do so. If you change rooms, HMS will not move your roommate with you. Your roommate must also logon to HMS during Open Selection and change rooms.

Courtyard Apartments

Reclaim your own space                                 Mon. Feb. 3 (9am) – Tues. Feb. 4 (11:59pm)

Reclaim with new roommate(s)                       Wed. Feb. 5 (9am) – Thur. Feb. 6 (11:59pm)

New Assignment w/roommate(s)                    Fri. Feb. 7 (9am) – Sun. Feb. 9 (11:59pm)

Village Apartments

Reclaim your own space                                 Mon. Feb. 10 (9am) – Tue. Feb. 11 (11:59pm)

Reclaim with new roommate(s)                       Wed. Feb. 12 (9am) – Thur. Feb. 13 (11:59pm)

Consolidation                                                 Fri. Feb. 14 & Mon, Feb. 17

New Assignment w/roommate(s)                    Tue. Feb. 18 (9am) – Wed. Feb. 19 (11:59pm)

Cypress Hall

Reclaim your own space                                 Thur. Feb. 20 (9am) – Fri. Feb. 21 (11:59pm)

Reclaim with new roommate(s)                       Mon. Feb. 24 (9am) – Tue. Feb. 25 (11:59pm) 

New Assignment w/roommate(s)                    Wed. Feb. 26 (9am) – Thur. Feb. 27 (11:59pm)

Spring Break                              March 3 – March 7

Oak Hall

Reclaim your own space                                 Wed. Mar 12 (9am) – Fri. Mar. 14 (11:59pm)

Reclaim with new roommate(s)                       Mon. Mar. 17 (9am) – Tue. Mar. 18 (11:59pm) 

New Assignment w/roommate(s)                   Wed. Mar. 19 (9am) – Thur. Mar. 20 (11:59pm)

Pine Hall

Reclaim your own space                                  Mon. Mar. 24 (9am) – Tues. Mar. 25 (11:59pm)

Reclaim with new roommate(s)                        Wed. Mar. 26 (9am) – Thur. Mar. 27 (11:59pm) The remaining spaces will be reserved for incoming new freshmen 

Belk and North Hall

Reclaim your own space                                 Mon. Mar. 31 (9am) – Tues. Ap. 1 (11:59pm)

Reclaim with new roommate(s)                       Wed. April 2 (9am) – Thur. April 3 (11:59pm) 

New Assignment w/roommate(s)                    Fri. April 4 (9am)

Open Room Selection                  Mon. April 7 (9am) – Fri. May 9 (11:59pm)

Remember, students that did not select a room during a previous stage may select a room from the remaining spaces.           


For additional information relative to Housing and Residence Life, visit our website at www.uncp.edu/housing 


 This publication is available in alternative formats upon request. Please contact Disability Support Services, DF Lowry Building, 521-6695