Diversity and Inclusion


The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) serves as a vital resource that fosters and promotes student success, by providing programs and services that support the University’s academic mission by preparing socially and culturally aware students, who will develop, disseminate, and implement originality, constructive ideas, and insight to encourage community engagement for the future. ODI works to consistently increase the professional standards, understanding, and appreciation for diversity and culture through programs, services, initiatives, and collaborations.  Overall we strive to advance the University’s commitment to respecting, embracing, and valuing diversity by serving for students, staff, and faculty on issues of justice and equity, through inclusion, education, outreach, advocacy and being true change agent leaders. 



To become a campus in which social equality and justice exists for all people, regardless of differences and/or similiarities and celebrates cultural and ethnic diversity.


ODI Team's slogan

We are all pieces of one puzzle that differ in language, age, thinking styles, culture, or physical abilities, but when we come together in unity, the puzzle takes shape and becomes complete.