International Programs
International Programs

Study Abroad Options

The International Programs Office administers all university-sponsored education abroad programs and offers advising, information and orientation for all students traveling abroad.

Offerings include summer-, semester- and academic-year long exchange opportunities through our bi-lateral exchange partners and our memberships in three study abroad consortia:  ISEP, UNCEP, and The Magellan Exchange, as well as Short Term Programs, led by our own UNCP faculty members and some other fee-based Study Abroad Programs. This office also assists you in selecting and applying to programs offered by other organizations and universities.  

UNCP University based Bilateral Exchange Agreements. UNCP has negotiated a number of direct student exchange agreements. Students pay tuition and fees at UNCP (enrolling in 12 credit hours of WLS 4990-Study Abroad), complete a throrough Course Authorization process and enroll in courses at the host university. 

Study Abroad opportunities with our Bi-lateral Exchange Partners include:

United Kingdom

Bangor University, Wales

Canterbury Christ Church University


University of Mannheim, School of Humanities

The University of Ludwigsburg

South Korea

University of Seoul

Semester, full-year, or summer


        Umea University

        Semester or full-year

        Linnaeus University
        Semester or full-year

UNCP Faculty-Led Programs- Each year, faculty members throughout the campus arrange short-term opportunities overseas, mainly in the summer. UNCP application fee applies. currently, offerings include:

Berlin, Germany. Faculty-Led, Dr. Kevin Freeman (Political Science) (Even years)

Tokyo, Japan, Faculty-Led, Dr. Kevin Freeman (Political Science) (Odd Years)

Madrid, Spain. Faculty-Led, Dr. Enrique Porrua (Foreign Languages)

Barcelona, Spain. Faculty-Led, Dr. Cecilia Lara (Foreign Languages)


ISEP is a network of 300 institutions in 42 countries, providing a full immersion, exchange enrollment experience for a semester or academic year. All students are encouraged to consider a study abroad option and many programs are available in English (studying a foreign language is available). Program charges are based on UNCP tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad), room and board, resulting in the most affordable option for study abroad.

■ISEP offers summer, semester, and full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.

UNCEP is a UNC network that works very similarly to ISEP, but you pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP and your room and board to your host institution.

■UNCP offer semester or full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.

The Magellan Exchange Program is an opportunity for students to study in another country at an affordable cost. You will pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP.

■The Magellan Exchange offers summer, semester, or full-year programs. ■Application fee is required.

Examples of Previously Approved University-Sponsored Summer-, Semester- and Academic Year-Long Study Abroad Programs:

University College Dublin, Ireland

John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

Please contact The Study Abroad Office if there is another University-Sponsored Study Abroad prgoram you would be interested in choosing.