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Blackboard 9 Known Issues

If you are having technical problems in Blackboard, check this list to see if there is a way to resolve your problem. This list will change whenever a new known issue comes up.

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For Faculty

Blackboard 9.1 Known Issues and Work Arounds

Area Issue Resolution/Work Around

Browser Compatibility


Click here to view a list of the supported operating systems and browsers.

Clicking on external links while in Internet Explorer and then clicking "yes" when prompted will not display the page. Click No when you see the prompt "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" so that it will display the page (click here for detailed instructions). Another solution is to use a different browser.
Grade Center

For a cell that has an Attempt in Progress icon, if you click on the dropdown and select View Grade Details, then View Attempt, expand Test Information (if not already expanded), and beside Status In Progress click the Submit Attempt (submitting the attempt on behalf of the student) you receive an error message.

The alternatives are to Clear the Attempt and allow the student to retake the exam, or to view the attempt as follows (2 below) and manually grade the answers received, if any.


For a Grade Center cell that has an Attempt in Progress icon, if you click on the dropdown and select Attempt (with the date and Attempt In Progress icon), you don't get that student's attempt. You actually see another student's attempt. Instead of clicking on Attempt(with the date and Attempt In Progress icon), click on View Grade Details then View Attempt to see the student's actual attempt.
Course Copy

After copying a course, various links created by the instructor give users permission errors, but the instructor does not see these errors.

Links must be resubmitted to correct this issue. Click on the drop down menu for the item, click "Edit", reupload item, then "Submit."

Visual Text Box Editor

You're using IE8 and you do not have the text box editor.

Two solutions:

  1. Login to Blackboard, navigate to Personal Information on the left-hand side. Click on Change Personal Settings, then your first option will be to set the availability of your text editor. Make sure "On" is chosen.
  2. If your editor is set to "On" already, and you still cannot see the editor, try using a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox.
Discussion Board You recieve an error when trying to 'Save a Draft'. This is a known issue that will be corrected in the next Blackboard update.

The student is kicked out of an assessment (quiz or exam).

Click here for a list of possible causes for getting kicked out of an exam.


There are several things you can do to combat this issue.

  1. Give the assessment one question at a time. This ensures that the user's java session is continuously updated and the likelihood of the user getting kicked out is reduced.
  2. Do not select the "force complete" option. Without this option selected, users are able to re-enter the exam from the last point that they saved an answer if they should get kicked out.