Blackboard Help
Blackboard Help

Frequently Asked Questions For Students

  • Who do I call for Blackboard support?
    • You may call the DoIT Help Desk at 910.521.6260 or email for support. For the Help Desk hours, please click here.
  • What credentials do I use to login to Blackboard?
    • Blackboard uses the same account credentials as BraveWeb. Creating an account for one grants access to both. Changing your password for one changes it for both.
  • What do I do when using IE8 and I am prompted with a security warning asking "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"
    • Click here for detailed instructions and an explanation for why you recieve this warning.
  • I have never taken an online course before. Where can I go for instructions?
  • I was taking a test online when I lost my internet connection or was otherwise interrupted during the test.
    • You will need to contact your instructor to re-access a test on Blackboard. The DoIT Help Desk cannot confirm or deny technical errors that occur outside of the University. Readmittance to a test is left to the instructor's discretion; the DoIT Help Desk cannot reset or clear an attempt for any student.
  • Why did I get kicked out of my exam?
    • A couple of different situations can cause a student to get kicked out of an exam, such as:
      • Too many tabs open in the browser.
      • Too many windows open.
      • In many cases, the java session has been terminated due to inactivity so the submission is unsuccessful.
  • I cannot see a class in Blackboard.
    • If you have just registered for a Blackboard course you will not have access to it until your instructor has made the course available.
    • Please log into BraveWeb and access your “Detailed Class Schedule” in “Banner Self Service.” Verify your class is listed there. If it is not, contact the Registrar.
    • If your class is listed in your schedule, check the course ID. If the course ID does not end in 800,801,802 or 803, then your course may not be using Blackboard. Check your syllabus or consult your instructor to verify.
    • If you have verified that you are registered for the course and that it is supposed to be online, it may not be made available to students yet (the instructor is the only one that can correct this), or, you may need to add the class to your "My Courses" module. Click here for a tutorial on how to do this.
  • I added a course through BraveWeb Banner Self Service, when will I see the course in Blackboard?
    • Students are populated into courses through an automation process, but it can take up to 24 hours for the student to show up in the course. Although, until the instructor makes the course available to students, the course will not be visible when logged into Blackboard.
  • I can no longer see my course links on the left hand side; how do I fix this?
    • Along the edge of the page on the left hand side, there is a small box with an arrow pointing to the right. When you click on it, it will expand the course links.