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Medical Assistance

University police officers are trained in first aid and CPR.  Any injury occurring as a result of an existing hazardous condition should be reported to University Police at 6235, Student Health Services at 6219, the Safety Office at 6792 or Physical Plant at 6233.

Medical emergencies include any life-threatening situation, chest pain, excessive bleeding, breathing difficulties, seizures, head injuries, compound fractures, serious allergic reactions, ingestion or inhalation of a toxic substance, or eye injuries.

Quick Response…

Call 6235 or 6219.  Do not move the victim unless safety dictates.
If trained, use pressure to stop bleeding.  Use CPR if there is no pulse and the victim is not breathing.

State that medical aid is needed and provide the following information:

  • Exact location of the injured person (e.g. building, room, number, etc.).
  • Indicate whether male or female.
  • Type of injury or problem.  How did the injury occur? (fell, struck by vehicle, accident, etc.)
  • The individual’s present condition.  (bleeding, chest pain, unconscious, etc.)
  • The sequence of events leading to the emergency.
  • Medical history and name of injured person’s doctor, if known.
  • The phone number you are calling from.
  • Stay on the phone with the dispatcher.


During the regular academic year, students with minor illnesses or injuries should be referred to UNCP Student Health Services at 6219.

Illness or injury to students during hours when the Student Health Service is closed should be reported to the University Police Department.  An officer will respond to evaluate the situation and arrange for the student to be transported for medical treatment, if necessary.


Emergency treatment for job-related work injuries or medical illnesses may be obtained by calling the University Police Department.  University Police or trained Safety Response Team members will assist immediately and dispatch Emergency Medical Services, if necessary.

A First Report of Incident form must be completed for all instances of work-related illnesses or injuries.  Please call the Human Resources Department for this form and assistance. The Safety Office may conduct an accident investigation.


Request emergency medical assistance by calling University Police at 6235.  A police report should be completed for all injuries to the public occurring on University property.